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ISBN: 978-0-9821386-1-8

For information write to:
St. Louis Walk of Fame, 6504 Delmar, St. Louis, MO 63130

Project Director: Joe Edwards
Editing: Tom Peckham, Brad Hines
Research/Text: Brad Hines, Tom Peckham, Joe Edwards, Karin Steinmeyer,
Carol Conway-Long, Mary Ann Fitzgerald, Phil Carmody
Photographs of Induction Ceremonies: Hope Edwards, Jennifer Silverberg, Drea Stein
Ceremony Music: Original St. Louis River Critters Jazz Band
Annual Walk of Fame Window Display: Linda Edwards

Photo Credits:

Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis: Josephine Baker, Susan Blow, Kate Chopin, Auguste Chouteau, William Clark, Carl & Gerty Cori, T.S. Eliot, Eugene Field, Pierre Laclede, Theodore Link, Charles M. Russell, Willie Mae Ford Smith, Sara Teasdale, Helen Traubel.

The St. Louis Mercantile Library Association: Henry Armstrong, Yogi Berra, Lou Brock, Harry Caray, Dizzy Dean, Dan Dierdorf, Katherine Dunham, James B. Eads, Charles Eames, William Greenleaf Eliot, Redd Foxx, David Garroway, Bob Gibson, Betty Grable, Al Hirschfeld, Rogers Hornsby, William Inge, Charles Lindbergh, Marsha Mason, Bill Mauldin, David Merrick, Archie Moore, Marianne Moore, Agnes Moorehead, Stan Musial, Vincent Price, Harold Ramis, Branch Rickey, Irma Rombauer, Red Schoendienst, Dred & Harriet Scott, William T. Sherman, Clark Terry, Kay Thompson, Tina Turner, Mary Wickes, Tennessee Williams.

Washington University/Herb Weitman: Arthur Holly Compton, Howard Nemerov, Mona Van Duyn.


Individual Photographers / Photographic Contributors

Josephine Baker: Richard Martin
Jack Buck: Larry Sherron
Stanley Elkin: Joan Elkin
Mary Engelbreit: Rich Saal
Walker Evans: Metropolitan Museum of Art 1994.256.391 Paul Grotz (American, b. Germany, 1902-1990), Walker Evans, 1930-34 ©The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Walker Evans Archive, 1994
Charles Guggenheim: Berko Studio
Donny Hathaway: Gilles Pétard Collection
Johnnie Johnson: Joe Frisch
Scott Joplin: Scott Joplin State Historic Site
Albert King: Wart Enterprizes/David Horwitz©
Rocco Landesman: Michael Eastman
Elijah Lovejoy: Elijah Parish Lovejoy Society
Masters & Johnson: photograph by Buzz Taylor
Nelly: Universal Records ©2004
Gyo Obata: H.O.K.
Mike Peters: Greg Preston
Joseph Pulitzer: St. Louis Post-Dispatch; portrait by John Singer Sargent, photographed by D. Gulick
Judy Rankin: David Cannon/Getty Images
Charles M. Russell: Pollard
David Sanborn: Henry Leutwyler
Henry Shaw: Portrait Collection, Missouri Botanical Garden Library; painting by Fairchild & Rox
George Sisler: National Baseball Library, Cooperstown, NY; courtesy St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum
Jackie Smith: NFL Photos, Prolook/Image, photographed by Herb Weitman
Willie Mae Ford Smith: Jackie Jackson
Henry Townsend: Bill Greensmith Photography


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With Special Support From
The Regional Arts Commission

The University City Loop S.B.D.



Bill & Mary Abkemeier
Chuck Berry
Anne and Dick Bischoff
Mark & Peggy Botterman
Joan Bray & Carl Hoagland
Ed Brimer
Bill Bueler, Jr.
Madelene Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Bud Carlson, Jr.
Captain Bill Carroll
Jeff Clinton
Jerry Clinton
Jeff & Rebecca Cook
Ken & Kathleen Cook
Jim Damos
Mr. & Mrs. James E. Dearing
Joe & Nancy deBettencourt
Mary & Wallace Diboll
Joe Edwards
Linda Edwards
Ed Finkelstein
Sister Margaret Finnie, S.L.
John Forrester
Margaret Garner
Marvin & Sandra Ginsberg
Lil Goldman
Mark & Mary Gorman
Salim Hanna
Ray Hartmann
Rose Jonas
Mr. Ralph Kalish & Ms. Eleanor Withers
Phil & Randa Klasskin
Arthur Lieber, Jr.
Ms. Mary Lieber
Larry & Joy Lieberman
Dennis Lutsky
John D. Mandelker
Ted & Emilie Meiners
Claudia Mink
Eric Mink
Ralph Morse

Talmage & Sara Newton
Carol Perkins
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Purcell, Jr.
Leon & Ann Robison
Larry & Carol Rossel
David Rothschild
Pete & Donna Rothschild
Eleanor Ruder
Steve Schankman
Rick Schaumberger
Sondra & Milton Schlesinger
Paul & Suzanne Schoomer
Ken & Mary Schuman
Dr. & Mrs. Edward H. Schwarz
Mary Ann & Mike Shanahan
Mary Ann & Richard Shaw
Dr. & Mrs. Eli R. Shuter
Gentry Smith
Judy & Ernest Stix
Sidney L. Stone
Steven M. Stone
Bob & Barb Subari
Greg Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew C. Taylor
John Thompson
J. Kim Tucci
Norma Vavra & Wallace Klein
Nancy & Bob Wagner
Dan & Robin Wald
Lana Wald
Margaret Wald (In Memory of)
Sam Wald
Sandy Wald
Don Walker
David S. Weiss
Allan Welge
Mrs. Ben Wells
Gerald & Sandy Wool
Simon Yu


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Craft Alliance Gallery
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First National Bank of St. Louis
G.A. Sullivan
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Grey Eagle Distributors
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Loop Subway
Mary Engelbreit Studios
The Melting Pot
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Photographic Resources
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Regional Arts Commission
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William T. Kemper Foundation
Wonder Novelty

SPECIAL THANKS to former University City Mayors Janet Majerus and Joe Adams, Mayor Shelley Welsch, members of the University City Council, St. Louis City Mayor Francis Slay, Alderwoman Lyda Krewson and the citizens of University City and the City of St. Louis for providing the sidewalks of The Loop as the location for the St. Louis Walk of Fame.

This book is dedicated to the people of St. Louis, who have provided the cultivating cultural environment for people to fully realize their talents and bright ideas and to powerfully contribute to our national heritage.



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